We represent over 1000 media outlets across Europe and promote a regulatory environment that fosters a diverse, competitive, free and innovative media publishing sector.


Our platform brings together national associations of media publishers and companies that are active in the sector of media publishing within the European Union. We represent mostly dynamic, innovative and regional outlets that rely on online channels to grow and reach audiences. We started working together when the European Commission launched its copyright reform which we believe will have a very negative impact on our sector. We created this platform to stimulate, facilitate and coordinate our activities in order to reinforce each other’s efforts. EIMP partners with and is sponsored by Google.

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We stand for freedom of the press, innovative media, media plurality and quality journalism. We believe the Internet is an opportunity, not a threat for our sector. It’s an open door to new stories, audiences and business solutions. This is why we support a regulatory environment that fosters a diverse, competitive, free and innovative media publishing sector. Some aspects of the European Digital Single Market strategy, such as the proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, go in the opposite direction .

As innovative, modern, forward looking media, we seek to maintain an open and competitive regulatory environment that supports our businesses. We aim to remain vigilant to regulations that interfere with our business, hamper our ability to innovate, seek to preserve existing business models to the detriment of innovation or protect incumbents against new players.

We are currently focussing on the copyright reform blurb and in particular:

  • We oppose the creation of an EU-wide neighbouring right for press publishers in Article 15 (formerly Article 11) of the Copyright Directive. We firmly believe this new right would have a deeply destructive impact on news publishing. We know it would make it harder for smaller publishers to reach new audiences. New barriers to entry would emerge for innovative players such as ourselves. Our readers would be prevented from engaging with our stories online. This would result in less news sources available, less innovation and a worse consumer experience.
  • We oppose the restriction on freedom of expression, critical to publishers, journalists and bloggers in Article 17 (formerly Article 13) of the Copyright Directive. The proposed Directive means that blogs, news portals and news sites and apps directly liable for copyright violations, even unintentional, committed by users uploading comments or stories. Currently, under the E-Commerce Directive (ECD) online news publishers are  only liable if they fail to remove infringing content as soon as they receive notice. The new rules would harm digital media, creating broad new liabilities for the use of user generated content, comment sections or linking to sources in an article.
  • We support opening the benefit of reduced VAT rates for e-publications such as news websites, portals and apps. Currently digital publications must apply the full  VAT rate (15% or more) while the same publication in a tangible format can apply a reduced VAT rate. This harms publishers who rely on developing digital business models for their future.
  • We oppose proposals to regulate news in the same way as television under the review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.


Make your voice heard now!

We are collecting support from publishers and other groups that share our views and want to take action – not only in Brussels, but in Member States too. Download our key messages here. Get in touch with us if you want to join our coalition, or sign our declaration on ancillary copyright. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and share our news . Help us send a clear signal that this type of legislation is not helpful!