Club Abierto de Editores (CLABE, formerly AEEPP) is the only Spanish state organization of publishers and content managers attached to CEOE and CEPYME, the leading business organizations in Spain. CLABE is a founding member of the European Innovative Media Publishers association. CLABE is made up of 160 groups and publishing companies, which publish almost 1000 headlines.

ANSO is the first Association in Italy to represent digital publishers. ANSO acts in defense of online information representing 155 local newspapers in Italy. With its 3.800 titles published every day, its 15 million readers and 55 million articles read a month, ANSO has got an exceptional place in the world of local online information. Daily involved in its institutional responsibilities, ANSO organizes national events and conventions, promotes new opportunities of business for online news publishers and values their works.

New Media is a Danish media association working to help small and medium sized publishers through political activism, knowledge sharing and community related events. Founded in 2015, the organisation represents 25 media outlets and a number of individuals supporting the cause.

Telex is an independent Hungarian news outlet, the largest community-funded news source in Hungary. It grew out of the idea that readers should be able to learn about what’s going on in Hungary and the world at large from a well-rounded, interesting, entertaining, and impartial news source that is not dependent on any economic or political interests.

Stowarzyszenie Mediów Lokalnych (Local Media Association) is the oldest association of local media in Poland, formely called the Local Press Association. Bringing together publishers and journalists of the Polish local press, as well as publishers and journalists of local internet portals, the association decided to rebrand to Local Media Association (SML) in order to better reflect the situation on the Polish media market, where the role of digital media is increasing and the printed press is reducing its reach.

Independent Slovak daily founded in 2014 by former employees of the biggest broadsheet daily after it was hostilely taken over by local financial group. “N” is published both in print and digital form, has several of the most popular Slovak news apps and is supported mostly by readers’ subscription fees. It is the most quoted Slovak daily paper and has the highest number of journalism awards winners among its staff.

Founded in 1997, Golem.de is the leading news and information source for IT professionals in Germany. The site offers articles and videos on a great variety of topics, ranging from core technologies, politics and economics to science. Golem.deputs a lot of effort in research and quality control and has built a reputation for well-written and profound stories on IT and technology. It reaches over 2 million readers.

Meltygroup is a global media group headed by 29 year old Alexandre Malsch. It is composed of 13 thematic websites in France (melty.fr, meltyFashion, meltyStyle, meltyBuzz, meltyFood, meltyCampus, meltyXtrem, meltyDiscovery, Fan2.fr, june.fr, mcm.fr, virginradio.fr and neonmag.fr) and also present in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Morocco with local versions. The group attracts more than 26 million visits a month worldwide covering 27 countries, and has established itself as the 1st web media group among 18-to-30 and 12-to-17-year-olds.

300polityka is a Polish media hub for political insiders and influencers providing daily playbook newsletter each morning and evening, alongside media and political analysis throughout the day. It has kicked off 2.5 years ago and gained successful appeal to its niche of the Warsaw corridors of power.