Annual General Meeting 2023: objectives and expansion, EMFA, the EIMP Academy

EIMP members convened in Brussels for this year’s Annual General Meeting on 20 March 2023, to discuss objectives and expansion of the association, exchange views on the latest developments on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), and hold meetings with several policy makers. This was the second general meeting since EIMP was established as an ASBL, a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, and it was chaired by EIMP President Sebastian Remøy.

On expansion, the meeting focused on new membership opportunities, as well as on the development of new and innovative services to its members. In this context, strengthening cross-border links between affiliated of EIMP members was identified as an area of important potential. Similarly, further developing the EIMP Academy would contribute to achieving this goal.

On the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), EIMP members exchanged views extensively, particularly on Article 17 of the proposed Regulation, which seeks to introduce a special treatment for media service providers in online environments. EIMP supports the overall objectives and spirit of the proposed EMFA, but maintains its position that any special treatment of media service providers under the EMFA must go hand in hand with an adequate and sustainable definition of ‘media service provider’, which does not benefit legacy media exclusively, to the detriment of newer, digital-only, and independent media.

Following the conclusion of internal discussion between members, we had the pleasure to hear from policy makers from the Council of the European Union and from the European Parliament involved in negotiations on the EMFA in the respective institutions. The delegation of EIMP members conveyed the association’s position, especially with regards to Article 17, and witnessed positive responses from the policy makers met. EIMP continues to maintain fruitful channels with policy makers from several member states and political groups, providing data, information, and experiences from our members, ensuring new legislation does not harm media pluralism, innovation, and the level playing field in the media sector.

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About EIMP

EIMP brings together national associations of media publishers and companies that are active in the sector of (news) media publishing in the European Union and Europe. EIMP represents innovative, independent, local and regional outlets that rely on online channels to grow and reach audiences. Our members have extensive experience operating in the media sector, in different member states, and face various obstacles in their day to day activities. The goal of EIMP is promoting media pluralism and an ecosystem that fosters growth for small, independent and innovative (digital-native) media publishers in Europe. Contact:

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