Publishers’ Declaration against Article 11

(This post was updated on 18 December).

Today, we the coalition of Innovative Media Publishers together with 37 associations of small and medium sized publishers, media companies and digital native outlets across Europe, sent a Declaration to all Member States Representatives and Parliament rapporteurs on the Copyright Directive, expressing our concerns with Article 11 of the Copyright Directive and what we believe policy-makers should focus on to protect all the different business models in our industry.

Our declaration calls on policy-makers to take into consideration that the publishers’ world is larger than the big outlets. In fact it is also about small and entrepreneurial outlets that help connect local populations and bring together people that share common interests (i.e. dedicated outlets to local sports, horse riding, amongst others).

In particular we call on policy-makers for:
1. Making sure that any new publisher’s right is waivable
2. Providing for a duration which is reasonable and does not extend beyond a year from the first publication
3. Ensuring that all hyperlinks are excluded from the scope
4. The new right to apply only to short excerpts that do not meet the criteria of originality.
5. The new right to apply only to news aggregators

Read the full declaration here (as updated on 18 December).

Share our message! Fight for what you believe in! Join us!

Innovative Media Publishers Coalition

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