Launch of the European Innovative Media Publishers

In December 2015, and with the aim to promote a regulatory environment that fosters a diverse, competitive free and innovative media publishing sector across Europe, national associations and companies representing publishers of news, information and entertainment content have launched the platform “European Innovative Media Publishers”.

Founding members and endorsers include the Spanish Association of Periodical Publications (AEEPP), the Italian Online Publishers Association (ANSO) and the Polish online media 300polityka.

What unites this diverse and rich group of publishers is the strong believe that the European Union has a leading role to play in defending the free flow of information across Europe and fundamental rights to information.

On  4 December, we sent a letter to the European Commission calling their attention to the unattended consequences of the developments taking place in Spain and Germany with the introduction of ancillary rights.

With this in mind, the platform is committed to become a trusted partner to all European stakeholders and constructively engage in discussions impacting the business of media publishers.


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