Press release: The Innovative Media Publishers welcome Prauda as a new member of the coalition

The European Innovative Media Publishers are happy to announce that Prauda, the Danish Association of Independent Internet Media, has become a new member of their Coalition. The latter involves 8 like minded digital – regional media outlets and national associations (in alphabetical order: AEEPP, ANSO, Dennik,,, Meltygroup, Spiil, 300POLITYKA) advocating for an internet media space free of new neighbouring rights which is, on the contrary, forward-looking and innovation friendly.

Carlos Fernandez Astiz, Director General of AEEPP (Asociación Española de Editoriales de Publicaciones Periódicas) welcomed Prauda to the coalition and stressed that “Prauda’s decision to join our coalition and to strengthen our efforts on the ongoing policy debate on the Copyright reform highlights the importance of what we are trying to achieve for the future of freedom of the press, innovative media, media plurality and quality journalism.”

Thomas Noppen, chairman of Prauda, said “We at Prauda are delighted to be joining the European Innovative Media Publishers Association. From our perspective the issues media organisations face today are ever-changing and we’re happy to join an association that shares our long-term view that various online services provide opportunity rather than limit.” Noppen stressed that, in line with the Innovative Media Publishers, “Prauda does not support a pan-European legislation in its current form on either neighbouring rights or ancillary copyright. These issues are rarely discussed in Denmark and therefore we’re delighted to join an association where we can lend our support to discourage legislation that will damage innovation in the European media ecosystem”.

The Coalition Members are pleased to see more and more media publishers supporting their views and working towards the same goals:

  • Embraces the digital transformation of media publishing and promotes thought leadership in this area;
  • Help to create a competitive and innovative digital environment that prevents the creation of new, artificial barriers to new business;
  • Actively defends freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of enterprise, as well as the key role of publishers in the functioning of democratic societies

Read more about our views and mission here.

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