PRESS RELEASE: European Innovative Media Publishers express disappointment at endorsement of neighboring right legislative folly

Thursday, 14 December 2017



Yesterday, Le Monde and media organizations on this continent came together to endorse a misguided campaign for the so-called “neighboring right”. Their target was smaller, independent and indigenous family-owned publishers in every country in the EU.

These news wires placed articles on the pages of their biggest customers  the established media players  demanding that European politicians introduce a so-called neighbouring right for content.

“We are disappointed and frustrated that the news agencies have decided to endorse this legislative folly, instead of working to find real solutions to the problems facing journalism and the news industry.” said Carlos Astiz, Chair of the European Innovative Media Publishers and AEEPP.

If this measure is introduced across the EU, thousands of small publishers will be forced to the point of collapse and others will simply vanish, as happened in Spain and Germany. If a neighbouring right is introduced, it will not improve the position of the press publishers, or the wires, it will only improve the position of a hand-full of organisations to the detriment of small, local and regional press.

“In an age where access to true, fair, and balanced information is becoming more and more important, it is imperative that Europe’s small publishers are not forgotten, and that our role in the democratic process, in investigating in journalism and news is not overlooked” concluded Mr Astiz.


The European Innovative Media Publishers is a platform of national associations of national associations of media publishers and companies that are active in the sector of media publishing within the European Union. EIMP represents mostly dynamic, innovative and regional outlets that rely on online channels to grow and reach audiences. Its members include AEEPP, ANSO 300 POLITYKA and others. More information is available

The current proposals on copyright reform being discussed by the European Parliament and the Council of European Union include the provision for the introduction of a neighbouring right, under Article 11. This neighbouring right would allow news publishers to prevent their content from being shared via snippets or even potentially links without their express permission in an attempt to generate further revenues for the publishers. This initiative will have a detrimental effect on smaller publishers that rely on the sharing of their content to reach greater audiences. More on the European Innovative Media Publishers’ position is available here:

The European Parliament’s own Directorate General for Internal Policies of the Union presented a report, last week, entitled “Strengthening the Position of Press Publishers and Authors and Performers in the Copyright Directive which ultimately did no support its introduction and going as far as to state “we are doubtful that the proposed right will do much secure a sustainable press.” More information is available here.

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